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Revisiting AAPL


Revisiting AAPL


#1 Bottom Line
Same P/E; Different Earnings



Same PE, Different Earnings









#2 Top Line
Not Velocity, but Acceleration.
Not Growth, but ‘Change in Rate’ of Growth.

Not Growth, but 'Change in Rate' of Growth










#3 Include or Exclude?
Factoring NET ‘Cash’ out of P/E.

$175.3B Cash, Investments, Receivables
Less $101.6B Total Liabilities
$ 73.7B
= $ 12.30 ‘Cash’ per share.


#4 Liquidity
Becoming Bond-Like


AAPL Trading Volume


AAPL Dividends














SP500 Market CAP











#5 Dollar Theme

Divergent monetary policies between FED, ECB and BOJ.
Divergent spreads between T-Bonds, Bunds and JGBs.
Divergent FX between US, Euro and Yen.















#6 AAPL Technicals

AAPL Technicals









#7 Apple or Alibaba?
Earnings Calendar Arbitrage

Apple — Oct, Jan [iPhone6, Christmas]


Alibaba — Nov, Feb












Any final word?
Yes, hope for earnings disappointment tonight.

PDF file: Revisiting AAPL v1.02 20141020

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The Cashflow Game – Get Paid to Wait

The Poker Game - Bluff, The Waiting Game - Eyeball Stare Blink, The Cashflow Game - Get paid to wait

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